We are pleased to offer our USDA-certified, grassfed meats for sale at three locations: On Fridays 4-7pm at The Donelson Farmer's Market, by appointment at The Nesting Place Acupuncture and Wellness and at our on-farm store


We produce 100% grass-fed beef from a happy herd of pastured cows.  Our herd is a mix of angus, hertford, simmenthal and short horn breeds.  Our cows calve in late spring and we aim to continue growing our herd with a focus on strengthening good genetics for a grass-based system.  We rotationally graze our cattle, moving them to fresh paddocks of pasture every day or two in the height of grass season.  This not only allows our beef steers to gain weight well, but also improves and nurtures the health of our soil and grasses.  The foundation of our farm is the soil.  By feeding the soil the appropriate doses of organic matter from the cows' manure, our goal is to improve the growing capacity and biodiversity of soil microbes each year.  Rotating our cows and chickens in a mindful way through our pastures is the backbone of our farm’s commitment to sustainability and stewardship of the land. View our Price List


We raise Freedom Ranger breed chickens as our meat chicken. This bird is derived from an old American and European heritage breed of chicken developed in the early 1960's. These birds are bred for and perform very well in organic pastured systems. Our birds are kept in lightweight portable pens that are moved onto fresh grasses daily.  Our chickens enjoy scratching in the dirt, nibbling on grasses and treasure hunting for succulent worms and bugs. Their diet is supplemented with organic grain. We process these birds between 9-10 weeks of age which produces a 4-6 lb chicken. View our Price List


We raise heritage breed hogs.  The Tamworth and Ossabah breeds grow well on pasture and are better grazers than hybrid, industrial breeds.  Our pigs have personality and we enjoy watching their antics.  They spend their days taking mud baths, foraging for grass, nuts and bugs and making hay forts for sleep and relaxation time.  We supplement their diet with vegetables from our garden and grainsView our Price List